Tom Cruise and Jamie Fox: The Power of Starting Small

Tom Cruise and Jamie Fox: The Power of Starting Small

In the 2004 movie Collateral, Tom Cruise who played the character of an assassin called Vincent, hired Jamie Foxx playing the character of taxi driver Max. Cruise, apparently impressed by Foxx’s navigational skills, offered to pay him $600 to drive him to several locations throughout the night. Foxx later found out that his passenger was an assassin on a killing spree.

But a conversation that ensued between the two can be instructive to all of us. Jamie Foxx mentioned to Tom Cruise that his job as a taxi driver was only temporary. Cruise asked, “How long have you been doing this?” Foxx responded, “Twelve years.” Twelve years was hardly temporary.

Foxx went on to outline his elaborate and sophisticated vision. His aim was to start a rental company that rents out limousines. The dream looked huge. But why would a person have such a dream and be stuck to driving a taxi for 12 years and call it temporary? Foxx’s problem was that he wanted to start the vision as big as he saw it. Later on in the movie, one would find that Foxx was so ashamed of his job that he had lied to his grandmother about what exactly he did for a living.

Many of us are like the character of Jamie Foxx. We have a big vision of the future but we haven’t made any move for years because we don’t want to start small. There are people who have remained at the same level of life for years because they are waiting for a big break to start what they really want to do. Today, may I suggest to you to consider starting small?

If it’s a school you want to build, start with one classroom. If it’s a book you want to write, don’t wait to print a thousand copies. Start with two hundred. If you want to start a business, don’t wait till you can afford a plush office, consider starting with a small store. You don’t have to wait for years until you have enough money to rent out Limousines. You can start with renting out one Toyota. The dream you have may be huge but you can start by building it little by little.

Let me leave you with 5 advantages of starting small:

1. You may not have to wait for years for anyone’s help if you start small. You can start with what you have.

2. Starting small demands little financial capital and investment.

3. Starting small is an opportunity to gradually learn the ropes of your industry and master your game.

4. Starting small is a window to make mistakes at a small scale. Mistakes when you start big can be huge and crippling.

5. Starting small is an opportunity to have a glorious end and testimony.

Whatever God has laid on your heart to do or to become, I encourage you to start small. Rise up and make a move. Keep pushing the wheels of destiny.

Jeremiah Buabeng is an entrepreneur, consultant, trainer, professional speaker, preacher, and author. He has trained and/or addressed organizations including Databank, Olam Ghana, Accra City Hotel (Novotel), Vaniado, Letshego, Lesedi Foundation, Axis Suites, Oasis Montessori, Healthstar Group, Lekma Polyclinic, and many more. Jeremiah is a regular resource person at conferences, churches, universities, radio, and television programmes. He can be reached at

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