Jeremiah’s consulting work ranges from business consulting where he provides advisory services to businesses in the areas of marketing, sales, business development, branding, communications, management and organizational effectiveness. He also offers advisory services for clients needing guidance in writing and publishing. People with career or talent development aspirations will also find him a useful resource for guidance and coaching. Jeremiah’s aim is to enable professionals and organizations gain a winning edge through ideas sharing.

Corporate Training
Jeremiah delivers training programs for organizations and corporate institutions seeking for a knowledge and skill advantage. The focus of his training is to empower participants to increase their contributions to their organizations. He has trained outfits across various sectors of industry and corporate Ghana. His training areas include communications, presentation skills, writing, customer service, sales, marketing, branding, excellence, productivity, leadership, teamwork, strategy and many other related areas.

Professional Speaking
Jeremiah is a sought-after conference speaker. He travels across the length and breadth of the country speaking to various audiences ranging from the pre-teens through to young professionals and corporate executives. He speaks on a broad array of subjects in the area of personal growth, talent development, vision and strategy development, career development and job search strategies, personal branding, capacity building, mentor-ship, networking and collaboration, impact making, legacy building, leadership, entrepreneurship and any area that contributes to the development and maximization of the human potential and the fulfillment of destiny.

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